Arizona represents the best of the Southwest in every direction. Famous for the Grand Canyon and the state’s forests of statuesque saguaros, visitors find spirituality in artist-friendly Sedona, dude ranches that salute the state’s cowboy culture and luxury resorts that provide top destination pampering.


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Spring Blooms and Horses in Tucson

It is nice to know that the rugged “old west” still exists, marked by wide, open spaces backed by lofty mountain ranges and populated with ancient saguaro forests, blooming cacti and marauding deer and coyote. These vast desert expanses conjure days of the grand ranchos, dust-filled cattle round-ups and campfire dinners under the stars. On the far edge of Tucson …

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The West’s Best Polar Express Trips

It is already magical when you have the opportunity to travel aboard one of the West’s historic rails with steam locomotives tracing some of the nation’s most beautiful scenic valleys and mountain ridges.  Combine such a journey with a holiday tradition that makes little ones wide-eyed and you have pure holiday magic. Just hop aboard an iconic train for a …

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